Thursday, May 28, 2015


Ruby Tuesday
2010 Bernadette Dr.
Columbia, MO 65203

Date of meal: 5/22/15


Burger Menu


Overall Scores
RH: Burger-41/50; Sides-8/10; Service-17/20; Ambiance-8/10; Location-8/10
MD: Burger-39/50; Sides-8/10; Service-18/20; Ambiance-8/10; Location-9/10

Richard orders the 'Classic Burger with fries ($7.99) and says "My burger is good, and reasonably tasty," Richard says. "I would say this burger is a bit better than the average burger. It's a bit overcooked. 41/50."

I order the Classic Burger with baked ($7.99) and think it's OK. I found it to be a bit bland. My burger, ordered medium rare, came to the table a bit closer to medium. 39/50.

Ruby Tuesday: burger ordered Medium Rare.

"My fries are slightly undercooked," Richard says. "They could be crispier on the outside...they are close to tender on the inside, though. There's not much seasoning of any type on these fries. 8/10."

Since the fries are NOT gluten free (cross contamination) I go with the baked potato, and it is fine. Note-I ordered the baked but the fries were brought to the table instead; the mistake was quickly resolved. 8/10.

"Our server was quick to get to our table and really quick to get us our food. There was good follow up, too, so I score service 17/20," Richard says.

I score service 18/20. Our server DID ask us how we wanted our burgers done, followed up quickly regarding our requests, the fries mistakenly delivered was quickly replaced by the baked, as ordered, and did an overall nice job.

Ambiance gets an 8/10 from Richard. "This is a comfortable booth. I like the room design, too: they seem to have tried harder than most 'chain' restaurants to make the place comfy."

I also score ambiance at 8/10. It was not too loud, the place seems really clean and overall it's comfortable - easy to talk, etc.

"It's a bit of a drive to get here from my side of town, but there is plenty of free parking, so I'll score Location at 8/10," Richard says.

I score location at 9/10. FREE and plentiful parking, easy to get to and not too far from where I live.

The burger at Ruby Tuesday's on Bernadette is a fine burger, but we don't think it is the BEST burger in Columbia.

Have you been to Ruby Tuesday on Bernadette in Columbia? If so, what did YOU think? We'd enjoy hearing from you!

Thanks for reading!
Mark and Richard

Thursday, May 14, 2015


709 Cherry St.
Columbia, MO 65201


Burger Menu



Trip Advisor

Date visited: 5/8/2015

Overall scores
RH: Burger-42/50; Sides-7/10; Service-18/20; Ambiance-8/10; Location-7/10
MD: Burger-42/50; Sides-8/10; Service-18/20; Ambiance-8/10; Location-8/10

Richard orders the 6 oz Addison's Burger ($8.99 w/cheese and fries) and says "I ordered my burger medium rare, and I actually think this is much, much closer to rare. It might be a bit undercooked...and it's a bit greasy. It could use some seasoning, too. I think this is a good piece of meat, though. 42/50."

I order the same burger and mine, too, is a bit undercooked. Any less cooked and it would be raw (the last time we ate here, two years or so ago, I was served a raw burger with raw bacon; see review). My burger is just a bit greasy, but unlike Richard, I think mine is seasoned fairly well. I did add salt. I, too, score it 42/50.

Addison's Burger-Medium Rare

"There isn't much flavor in these fries. They're average, at best. They are cooked pretty well, though-tender inside, crispy on the outside...there are too many small chunks of potato, though. And they cooled off really quickly. 7/10," Richard says.

I have the roasted garlic smashed (mashed) - the fries ARE NOT Gluten Free - and I think they are fine, though not particularly memorable-a tiny bit bland. 8/10.

Regarding service, Richard says "Our server did a nice job. Our food got to the table really, really quickly - a bit longer on the fire would have been good, but just a bit longer... - and she responded to our requests quickly. 18/20."

I also score service at 18/20. When we arrived (11:30 am) we were the only customers in the place (it filled up by noon) accounting for, I suspect the speed with which our burgers arrived at the table.

"This place is pretty comfortable," Richard says, "and this is a good sized booth. It's starting to get busy, and the noise level is rising a bit...but 8/10 for ambiance."

I also score ambiance at 8/10 for the reasons Richard mentioned.

Location gets a 7/10 from Richard. "It's downtown, parking can be a problem and of course, I have to put money in the meter..."

I managed to find a parking space right in front of the front door, so this time finding a parking space was not a difficult task. I did have to pay the user tax (put money in the meter) which drives me crazy, but...8/10.

Our burgers were fine - mine was edible this time around - but we do not think this is the best burger in Columbia.

Have you had a burger at Addison's recently? If so, we love to hear YOUR opinion.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Friday, May 8, 2015


Las Margaritas
10 E South Hampton Dr. #B
Columbia, MO 65203

Visited Friday, May 1, 2015




Burger Menu

Overall Scores:
RH: Burger-44/50; Sides-6/10; Service-17/20; Ambiance-8/10; Location-9/10
MD: Burger-40/50; Sides-7/10; Service-18/20; Ambiance-8/10; Location-7/10

Richard orders the Francisco Burger ($9.99/fries) and says "I like the bun. This is good meat, and I'm more than reasonably pleased with this burgers. I like all the toppings. My onions are cooked just right and the burger is seasoned reasonably well. I don't know why they serve ketchup in these cheap packets...44/50!"

I also have the Francisco Burger/rice and for me, the toppings are a bit too much. I scraped some of the sausage off as I finished up: it was getting overpowering. My burger was a bit overcooked (ordered medium rare). The seasoning was a bit overpowering. The burger itself was good. 40/50.

"6/10 for the fries," Richard says. "Most of them are pretty small. Some are good and crisp, but their is no seasoning. I'd go with a different side next time."

I give my rice a 7/10. It was fine, maybe a bit dry. Te fries are NOT gluten free. I would not order the rice again.

Service scores a 17/20 from Richard. "We had a bit of a wait, but not too bad. Our server followed up pretty well. There's quite a crowd eating here today, so overall, service was fine."

I score service at 18/20. Our server returned to our table shortly after taking our order to ask how we wanted our burgers done (medium rare) and overall, did a fine job.

"If we sat outside" (the lakeside seating was full) "I would probably score ambiance a 9/10. Since we're inside, and it's crowded, and for me a bit noisy, I'm going with 8/10 for ambiance."

I also score ambiance at 8/10. It is crowded and a bit loud inside.

"It's close to where I live, there's free parking, so I'll score location at 9/10," Richard says.

I score location at 7/10 since, for me, this is a trip all the way across town. Parking is free, but the parking lot was crowded, so I parked 1/4 mile down the road.

The burger at Las Margaritas is fine, but we don't think this is the best burger in Columbia.

How about you? Have you had the burger at Las Margaritas? If so, we'd enjoy hearing your opinion. Do YOU think this is the best burger in town?

Thursday, April 30, 2015


302 South 9th Street
Columbia, MO 65201


Burger Menu



NOTE: New ownership took this place over in January of 2015. 

Overall scores:
RH: Burger-39/50; Sides-9/10; Service-15/20; Ambiance-5/10; Location-5/10
MD: Burger-38/50; Sides-8/10; Service-15/20; Ambiance-7/10; Location-6/10

Richard orders a 'Plain Jane' ($9.50 with fries) and says "My burger is dry. It's overcooked. There's very little cheese. It's seasoned...OK. This is an average burger, at best. I like the" Salt and Pepper "bun, though.  39/50."

I also have the Plain Jane (with fries, which ARE gluten free). I score it 38/50. I brought my own bun ( a gf bun - Udi's - is available for an extra $1.00).  My burger is overcooked, needs seasoning, and is not very tasty. The meat is a mix of chuck and short rib. I think the burger, at $9.50, is overpriced.

Both Richard and I prefer our burgers medium rare. The burgers we received were medium to medium well.

"My fries are pretty good," Richard says. "There is some seasoning, they're a little bit overcooked, but overall, not too bad. 9/10."

Since the fries ARE gluten free I order them as my side. One of the servers told me Ingredients has a 'special protocol' for gluten free fries, which I took to mean a 'dedicated' oil is used. When I asked, the server repeated that they use a 'special protocol' when a customer asks for gf, I did not have any negative reaction. My fries were a bit overcooked and there were many small 'bits and pieces' on my plate, but they were seasoned pretty well. 8/10.

"Service leaves a lot to be desired," Richard says. "It took way too long to get our food. Nearly 25 minutes. And that's after having to wait in line and order our food at the counter. They have a system that is, I guess, good for them, but it's not so good for the consumer. 15/20."

It did take WAY too long to get our food. They were busy, but still...way too long! I also score service at 15/20, because of the wait.

Regarding ambiance, Richard says "There isn't much, is there? It's really loud in here. Too loud. The chairs at the table we were sitting at" (we moved to a booth when one became available) "are very uncomfortable. They're like,,,toy chairs ...Ambiance? Not really. 5/10.

I score ambiance at 7/10 but agree with Richard regarding the chairs at the table. And it is loud. The place has a 'cafeteria' feel to me.  I'm thinking 7/10 is generous.

"Finding parking was intolerable," Richard says. "PLUS, I had to pay the meter. I used a debit card and could not figure out how to purchase less than two hours. It was a long walk from the parking space I finally found. 5/10."

I score location (Ingredient's is downtown, across from the campus) at 6/10. I also had a hard time finding parking, and, of course, had to pay the 'user tax,' meaning I had to plug the meter, A penny a minute. I hate that!

The burger, under this new ownership (corporate, I think) is no better than it was when it was 'locally' owned, and may be worse. Service seems to be worse: one orders at the counter, as if at a fast food place, then waits (and waits and waits) at the table for the server to deliver the food.

We do NOT think this is the best burger in Columbia.

Have you been to Ingredients since the ownership change? If so, and you had a burger, let us know what you think. We'd LOVE to hear from you!