Wednesday, November 18, 2015


110 S 9th
Columbia, MO 65201


Trip Advisor

Date visited: 10/23/15

Menu: Menu board is on the wall.

Overall Scores:
Richard: Burger-43/50; Sides-10/10; Service-15/20; Ambiance-7/10; Location-6/10
Mark: Burger-40/50; Sides-8/10; Service-17/20; Ambiance-8/10; Location-7/10

Richard orders two burgers ($3.50 ea) and a bowl of chili ($3.25). "This is good meat. Of course, I would prefer it cooked less, but well done is the nature of this particular beast. I like the's the right size. I wish the burgers were a bit bigger, but then, it wouldn't be Booches. 43/50."

I order a cheeseburger ($3.75) and a bag of chips ($1.00). I like this burger, but much prefer a larger piece of meat. Richard is right, though: this is a Booches burger! I would call it a slider...but maybe it's a touch bigger. As expected, my burger is overcooked (I prefer medium rare) but I don't think it is possible to cook these burgers any less due to the patty thinness. But, this IS Booches, right? 40/50. I brought my own bun.

"This chili is perfect! Richard says. "10/10! There is just enough bite to it...not to little, not to much,,,excellent! I like the burgers, but I LOVE the chili. Did I say 10/10?"

My chips are gluten free so I go with them. They're fine. 8/10.

Richard scores service at 15/20. "It took quite a long while for our burgers to get to the table. Our server did a nice job, though."

I score service at 17/20. Our server came to the table right after I sat down and was very personable. The place got quite busy at noon on Friday, so it did take some time for us to get our burgers.

"This is a 'hole-in-the-wall' and I LOVE it. It's getting busy in here, but it's fun! It's like a diner in some ways. They've been making burgers here for what,,,130 years?" Booches opened in 1884. "It's the kind of place a person has to come once in awhile: it's famous! I score ambiance at 7/10."

I agree with Richard on ambience, scoring it 8/10, though if I found a place like this while traveling, I would, I suspect, score it 10/10. Like Richard, I love a hole-in-the-wall type of place and Booches IS a fun place to go for burgers. I love the history - the idea - of Booches.

We highly recommended a trip to Booches, especially if you are visiting from out of town! If you live here and like burgers, we suspect you have been to Booches; if not, we suggest you give it a try.

Regarding location, Richard says "I got lucky today and found a parking spot not too far away," I had to plug the meter and that is a pain in the neck, but there ya go! I'll score location at 6/10 because it's downtown."

Location gets a 7/10 from me. I found parking fairly easily as, by the time I arrived at Booches, downtown was not as busy as it often is on a Friday at noon. It was raining and overcast, making plugging the meter - have I mentioned that I HATE putting money in parking meters? - a real pain.

We very much like Booches and recommend it to one and all, espcecially if you are a tourist looking for a unique place to have lunch. The burgers are really good, but we do NOT think they are the best burgers in Columbia.

Have you been to Booches recently? If so, we would enjoy hearing from you. How do YOU feel about Booches and their burgers? Let us know!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Red Lobster
1716 Interstate 70 Dr. SW
Columbia, MO 65203

Date visited: 10/2/15

Lunch Menu


Overall Scores:
RH: Burger-41/50; Sides-8/10; Service-18/20; Ambiance-7/10; Location-7/10
MD: Burger-40/50; Sides-9/10; Service-18/20; Ambiance-8/10; Location-8/10

Trip Advisor

Since it is the only burger on the menu Richard orders the Wood Grilled Burger (8 oz, $7.99 plus bacon $1.29). "They've spiced this burger up a bit and it's fairly tasty! My burger is a bit overcooked, though, and the bun is falling apart. They don't have Swiss Cheese, but this Cheddar is pretty good. They have $1 off Monday through Friday at noon. Excellent! I have to say, this is a pretty good burger for a place noted for seafood. 41/50."

Red Lobster burger, medium well

I order the same burger and score it 40/50. Mine, too, is a bit overcooked. I brought my own gluten free bun. Like Richard, I'm a bit surprised that a seafood restaurant makes a burger this good.

"There is some seasoning on my fries. They're fairly tasty, though I suspect they are frozen. There are a lot of really small pieces. It's a generous portion. I'll give the fries an 8/10," Richard says.

I score my baked potato - with butter and sour cream - (the fries are cooked in the same oil as flour-battered products so they are NOT gluten free) and I think it is quite good. I like the way they have seasoned the skin and the potato is very tender inside. 9/10.

"Our server was very attentive, checked on us just the right amount and did a really nice job of following up on our various requests. Nice job.18/20," Richard says.

I score service at 18/20 also. Our server did ask us if we wanted our burgers done medium well or well done and we went with medium well (we would prefer medium rare but that was not an option) .

"It looks to me as if they have tried to make this place look like a seafood restaurant. This booth is small and somewhat uncomfortable and I don't like my's a bit...caved in. They place is crowded, but it's not too noisy. I'll score ambiance at 7/10," Richard says.

I score ambiance at 8/10. It's not too noisy, seems really clean and well-lighted, there are not a bunch of TV's in the place and I like the feel of the place. Richard is right: the booths are too small!

The location "is a few miles from my office, but it's easy to find and there is plenty of FREE parking. I score location at 7/10," Richard says.

I score location at 8/10, primarily because of the free parking. It is right off the highway.

Overall we enjoyed our burgers at Red Lobster. If you've been to this restaurant and had a burger, we would LOVE to hear from you. What do you think? Do you like this burger?

We DO like the burger, and will go back for another, but we do NOT think this is the best burger in Columbia.

Friday, November 6, 2015


Campus Bar & Grill
304 S Ninth St #100
Columbia, MO 65201



Date visited: 9/25/15


Trip Advisor

Overall Scores:
RH: Burger-44/50; Sides-9/10; Service-19/20; Ambiance-8/10; Location-6/10
MD: Burger-44/50; Sides-8/10; Service-19/20; Ambiance-8/10; Location-7/10

Richard orders the Frisco Burger ($7.59) and says "This is a might good burger! It's juicy even though it is slightly overcooked. I like the toast instead of a bun and I would certainly come back and order it again. 44/50."

Campus Bar & Grill burger, medium to medium well

I order the Double Quarter Pounder ($7.59) because too much is not enough for me. My burger is cooked medium well (versus the medium rare I prefer) but it is a two-napkin burger - a good thing! - and I enjoy it very much. I, too, will come back for more. 44/50.

Note: Campus Bar & Grill offers a Sunday special: $1 burgers and $1 fries. 

"These fries are a '9' all the way," Richard says. "They're slightly flavored. There are quite a few little pieces, but they're crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. I think they were frozen, but they're good! 9/10."

Since the fries are NOT gluten free I go with the side salad. It's fine. 8/10.

Regarding service, Richard says "Our sever, Madeline, has been very attentive. She's done a nice job of following up on our requests and we didn't have to wait very long to get a table or our food. 19/20 for service. Nice job!"

I also score service at 19/20. Madeline did ask how we wanted our burgers done (medium rare; they came medium to medium well) and she was very service oriented.

"I like the tall table, Richard says. "It's not too loud in here, even at noon, and there are plenty of TV's. I'm thinking this would be a fun place to watch the game. Ambiance gets an 8/10."

I also score ambiance at 8/10. I do note the floor is 'sticky.' I think I'll come back for the special on Sunday...I wonder how crazy it gets in here with the students stopping in for a $1 burger?

"It's downtown, and I had to hunt for a parking space for quite some time. I ended up in the parking garage. Of course, I had to pay for parking," Richard says. "6/10 for location."

I found a parking space a couple of blocks away, but did have to plug the meter. I hate that! 7/10 for location. Downtown gets very, very busy on Fridays!

This is a good burger, and we will come back for another, but we don't think this the best burger in Columbia.

Have you been to Campus Bar & Grill recently? If so, we would LOVE to hear about your experience and what you think about the burgers. Let us know!

Monday, October 26, 2015


44 Canteen
21 N Ninth
Columbia, MO 65201

Date visited: 10/8/15

Burger Menu


Vox Magazine

Trip Advisor


Overall Scores:
RH: Burger-44/50; Sides-8/10; Service-18/20; Ambiance-8/10; Location-7/10
MD: Burger-43/50; Sides-0/10; Service-19/20; Ambiance-8/10; Location-7/10

"I think this is a good burger," Richard says while digging into his Korean Burger (8 oz, $10). "It's really tasty! This burger has a lot of 'stuff' on it, and I think this is a good chunk of meat. They cooked it just right, too. I'll give this burger a 44/50!."

44 Canteen Burger, Medium Rare

I order the Farm Burger (8 oz., $8). This is a good burger and it is cooked just as I ordered it - medium rare. If anything, it might be on the (too) rare side. It's seasoned very nicely and it's juicy. I like the burger: 43/50!

"My fries are cooked pretty close to right," Richard says, "but they seem to be a little bit...small. The seasoning is OK...I would say the seasoning is a bit above average. I'm not a fan of the sauces. 8/10 for the fries."

I couldn't find a side on the menu that is gluten free, so I did not order a side, hence the 0/10.

Regarding Service, Richard says "Our server did a nice job on getting to the table in a timely manner and followed up really well. He was quick to respond to our requests so I'll score service at 18.20."

I agree with Richard. Our server was friendly, was familiar with the needs of the gluten free, asked how we wanted our burgers done, and did an overall nice job. 19/20.

"It seems a bit noisy, but it's not too bad. There are no TV's, and that is nice for a change. I like the atmosphere, so I'll score Ambiance at 8/10," Richard says.

I, too, score Ambiance at 8/10. The place was busy, and it is a bit loud, but it's very 'open,' - you can watch the cooks prepare your meal. I enjoy that.

Regarding location, Richard says "It's on Ninth St just off Broadway, so finding parking can be a problem. Of course, I had to plug the meter, so there are points off for that. I found a space but I did have a bit of a walk to get to the restaurant. 7/10,"

I score location at 7/10.  It's downtown, parking is a problem, downtown is really busy on most Fridays, and, of course, I had to pay the User Tax - that is, plug the meter. I HATE that! Much of the parking was 'blocked off' for some reason. I ended up parking a ways away..on Ash off Tenth.

Have you been to 44 Canteen yet? It's owned by the same folks that own 44 Stone. If you have been there, let us know what you think. We would LOVE to hear from you.

Richard and I agree: this is a good burger. But, we do not think it is the best burger in Columbia. What do you think?

Thursday, October 8, 2015


D & D Pub and Grub
6307 Leopold Court
Columbia, MO 65202

(Menu Under Construction)

Trip Advisor

Date Visited: 9/18/15

Overall Scores:
RH: Burger-42/50; Sides-8/10; Service-18/20; Ambiance-6/10; Location-7/10
MD: Burger-40/50; Sides-8/10; Service-18/20; Ambiance-6/10; Location-8/10


Richard orders the 8 ounce D & D Burger with cheese ($7.19 + 50cents for cheese) and says "This is a good burger. There is some seasoning on would have been better had it been cooked a bit less.I think this is good meat, and the price is fair for what  you get. The meat to bun ratio is good. I'll give this burger a 42/50."

D & D Burger as served (medium well to well done)

I score the D & D Burger at 40/50.  Mine was overcooked and needed seasoning. It is a big burger, though, and the price of $7.19 (add 50cents for cheese) is not too bad.

"These are 'crinkle' fries, and I believe they were frozen. They're kind of tasty, but 30 more seconds in the oil would have been good. It is a very generous portion, though! 8/10," Richard says.

Since the fries are NOT gluten free (cross contamination) I go with the baked potato (with butter and sour cream). It's fine, but there is a 'knot' in it that tastes quite sour...8/10.

"Our server did not ask how we wanted our burgers done, and mine is overdone. She did a good job overall, though, with the follow up, responding to our request for mustard and mayo, but we had no salt or silverware at our table and we had to wait a bit to get the check. 18/20," Richard says.

I thought the service was fine; she got to our table quickly, and as Richard says, she followed up with just enough repeat visits to the table and responded well to our requests. 18/20.

Richard says "There's really not much 'atmosphere' here, is there? The music - rock and oldies - is fine. There are pool's dark...6/10."

I also score ambiance at 6/10. This seems to me to be more of a bar than a restaurant (hence the 'Pub?')  It's dark; there are pool tables on one side of the restaurant. I like the music. The place is crowded when we arrive, but not too loud, and it cleared out really quickly.

"The parking is free, and there is plenty of it, but for me, it's on the opposite side of town and a bit of a trip. 7/10 for location," Richard says.

I score location at 8/10. It is a ways out on B, but not so far as to be a problem for me as I live on the north side.

Have you had a burger at D & D Pub and Grub? If so, let us know what you think! We'd LOVE to hear from you.

This is a good burger, but we do NOT think this is the best burger in Columbia.