Friday, May 20, 2016


29 S 10th St
Columbia, MO 65201

Date Visited: 5/13/16


Burger Menu


Trip Advisor

Overall Scores
RH: Burger-41/50; Sides-4/10; Service-18/20; Ambiance-8/10; Location-8/10
MD: Burger-40/50; Sides-6/10; Service-18/20; Ambiance-8/10; Location-7/10

Richard orders The Gameday ($10) and says "OK, this is good, but not great. I would order it again. The bacon, with the chipotle sauce, is just enough to spice this burger up a bit. I'm thinking the sauce has really boosted the overall flavor. My burger is overcooked. 41/50."

Harpo's, Medium Rare

I order The Hangover ($10) with bacon and an egg. Mine, too, is overcooked, but I did enjoy it with the two toppings. My burger is seasoned very nicely. 40/50.

"My fries are almost inedible," Richard says. "They are way overcooked. There is no semblance of tenderness...I have to pick and choose to find a fry worth eating. I'm thinking no one was paying any attention to what was going on in the fryer. 4/10, and that's being generous."

Since the fries are NOT gluten free (cross contamination) I go with the bag of chips. They're fine. 5/10.

Regarding service, Richard says "Our server didn't ask us how we wanted our burgers done. I suspect the city make them cook them to medium well, at least. There was really good follow up, though, to our questions and requests, so I'll score service at 18/20."

I score service at 18/20. Harpo's was almost empty at noon on Friday, but it still took quite some time to get our food once we ordered.

"Ambiance? Well, it's a college bar. Lots of TV's, not much noise - there is no one here, which seems strange to me...even with the college winding down. 8/10," Richard says.

I also score ambiance at 8/10. L enjoyed the music being played and agree with Richard: Harpo's is a college bar.

"I give location  a 7/10," Richard says. "It's not too close to the campus, and I found parking in the garage. I will have to pay for the parking, though."

I score location at 7/10 as well. It's downtown and traffic can be pretty heavy downtown on a Friday afternoon. There was construction going on so some of the roads were blocked between my office and the restaurant - that was a bit of a pain in the neck. I found a parking spot quickly though, but I did have to plug the meter.

We enjoyed our burger at Harpo's and will go back for another, but this is NOT the best burger in Columbia.

Have you had a burger at Harpo's recently? If so, we would love to hear from you. What do you think? Are Harpo's burgers better than we give them credit for, or are we being too generous?

As always, THANK YOU for reading our blog.

Friday, May 13, 2016


Hoss's Market & Rotisserie
1010 Club Village Dr
Columbia, MO 65203

Date visited: 5/6/16


Trip Advisor


Burger Menu

Overall Scores:
RH: Burger-38/50; Sides-7/10; Service-15/20; Ambiance-6/10; Location-10/10
MD: Burger-38/50; Sides-7/10; Service-17/20; Ambiance-7/10; Location-6/10

Richard orders the Hoss's Cheeseburger ($7.99 w/side, 6 oz)). "My burger is bland. There's no flavor to speak of...but it is medium rare! Even so, there is very little juice left in this burger. How did they do that? The bun is fine, not great, but OK. I like the 6oz burger size. This burger is OK, but where's the flavor? Where's the seasoning? 38/50."

Hoss;s burger, Medium Rare

I also order Hoss's Cheeseburger (with chips as the fries are NOT gluten free) and Richard is right: there is very little flavor, which is ironic since the folks at Hoss's sell all kinds of seasonings and sauces. The burger does look good, but it needs salt, and as Richard says, some juice....Hoss's DOES offer a gluten free bun (I brought my own).

"These fries are fine, but they should have been cooked a bit longer. Again, like the burger, there is very little seasoning on these fries so they, too, lack flavor. 7/10 for the fries," Richard says.

Since the fries are NOT gluten free (cross contamination) I go with the bag of chips as my side. They're kettle chips and they're fine. 7/10.

Regarding service, Richard says "It's hard to put a number on service since we stand at the counter to order, but they did bring our burgers to the table. And they did a nice job of following up on our requests, so I'll give service a....15/20."

I score service at 17/20. It matters little to me if I order at the counter or table, and there was good follow up to my request for info on gluten free products and there was a quick response when we asked for ketchup, etc.

"Well, we are eating in a store, so there's that. Ambiance is fine, I guess. But...6/10." Richard says.

I score ambiance at 7/10. This is NOT a 'romantic' place to take the wife or girlfriend, but it's fine.

"This place is on my side of town," Richard says. "It takes me just a few minutes to get here, so I have to score location at 10/10!"

Since Hoss's is across town for me, I give location a 6/10. I know exactly where this place is, but I always have to think about it a moment before I can remember how to get there. I DO like the plentiful, free parking!

The burgers are fine - they would be better if there was some seasoning involved - and Richard and I agree: this is NOT the best burger in Columbia.

Have you had a burger at Hoss's recently? If so, let us know what you think. Are we crazy? Is this a better burger than we are suggesting? We would enjoy hearing from you. And as always, THANK YOU FOR READING OUR BLOG!

Friday, May 6, 2016


Ruby Tuesday
3310 Vandiver Dr
Columbia, MO 65202
573-814-1461                                               (Richard entering Ruby Tuesday's)

Date Visited: 4/29/16


Burger Menu                                               Menu Cover


Trip Advisor

Overall Scores:
RH: Burger-42/50; Sides-9/10; Service-18/20; Ambiance-8/10; Location-8/10
MD: Burger-40/50; Sides-9.5/10; Service-19/20; Ambiance-8/10; Location-9/10

Richard orders the Bacon Cheeseburger ($8.99 w/fries). "This is a good burger," he says. "Good meat. I don't think much of this bun; it's falling apart and it just got to the table. My burger is done pretty much to order - medium rare - and it's juicy and flavorful. The Swiss and the bacon adds a lot of flavor; 42/50."

                                                                  Ruby Tuesday burger, Medium Rare

I also order the Bacon Cheeseburger (with fries! Our server told me the fries are now cooked in a dedicated oil, so no cross-contamination for the gluten free!) Mine is slightly greasy. It is cooked close to medium rare, as I ordered it. This is a good sized burger. I brought my own bun, but Ruby Tuesday does now offer ($1.00) a gf bun. 40/50.

"These are VERY GOOD fries," Richard says. I think they are frozen, though. They're natural cut with the skins. A lot of them are pretty small. I like the seasoning, and mine are seasoned just right. 9/10

I am THRILLED to learn that Ruby Tuesday is now offering fries cooked in a dedicated oil so they are gluten free (BE SURE TO CHECK WITH YOUR SERVER/CHEF TO MAKE SURE THAT IS THE CASE AT THE RUBY TUESDAY'S YOU VISIT). I like them very much and, as Richard says, I think they are seasoned (salt) just right. 9.5/10!

Regarding Service Richard says "Our server knows whats going on with the menu and the food. Our food got to the table pretty quickly. Good follow up and fast reply to our requests. Nice job! 18/20."

I score Service at 19/20. He did a nice job of following up on our requests, got to the table quickly, and made several trips to speak to the chef to make sure the fries were being cooked in a dedicated oil. He had my bun toasted a bit, which was very nice! 19/20.

"I think this is a pretty comfortable place. It's not too loud, the layout is nice, I like it. I know this is a chain, but they've done a nice job with the ambiance. 8/10."

I score ambiance at 8/10 as well for the same reasons Richard just mentioned.

"This location is easy to get too, and I can get here fairly quickly from my office. And there is plenty of free parking! 8/10."

I score location 9/10 as it is quite close to my office and there is plenty of FREE parking.

Richard and I both enjoyed our Ruby Tuesday burgers, but we agree: this is not the best burger in Columbia.

Have you had a burger at Ruby Tuesday's on Vandiver in Columbia, MO lately? What did YOU think? Do you agree with our review? We would LOVE to  hear from you! THANKS! for reading our blog!

Friday, April 29, 2016


The Heidelberg Restaurant
410 S Ninth
Columbia, MO 65201

Date visited: 4/8/16


Trip Advisor

Overall Scores:
RH: Burger-42/50; Sides-8/10; Service-18/20; Ambiance-8/10; Location-6/10
MD: Burger-40/50; Sides-8/10; Service-18/20; Ambiance-8/10; Location-7/10

Menu Cover

Burger Menu


Richard orders the Cajun Burger ($8.39) and says "This burger has a real nice flavor. It's very tasty.'s done just right; they've seasoned it with just the right amount of spices. I believe the burger patties are frozen. 42/50."

I order the Heidelberger ($8.99) and I, too, think this is a good burger. One can't go wrong with bacon and cheese on a burger. My burger, ordered medium rare, is a bit overcooked. 40/50.

Heidelberger Medium Rare burger

"I like the coating on my fries," Richard says. The fries are frozen, but they're cooked just right: crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. 8/10!"

Since the fries are NOT gluten free (Heidelberg does offer a GF menu, but be sure to ask if the fries are being cooked in a dedicated oil; ask about the oil and chicken wings as well - the wings are on the gf menu) I go with the German Potato Salad, which is fine, and it has bacon in it. 8/10

Regarding service, Richards says "Our server didn't ask us how we wanted our burgers done but otherwise did a really nice job. She was attentive, visited our table just enough and responded quickly to our requests. Nice job, 18/20."

I also score service at 18/20 for the same reasons Richard did.

"They're really busy today, so they've put us in the smaller room. I prefer the dining room - it has more 'feel,'" Richard says, "but this is...OK...8/10 for ambiance."

I also score ambiance at 8/10. I also prefer the main dining room.

"I had to plug a meter but I found a spot not to far away. Downtown is busy today...I'll score location at 6/10," Richard says.

I score location at 7/10. I had to search for some time to find a parking space, ended up 6 blocks away and I had to put money in the meter.

Richard and I agree this is a good burger, but it is NOT the best burger in Columbia.

Have you been to The Heidelberg for a burger recently? If so, what did you think? Let us know! We'd LOVE to hear from you.

As always, THANK YOU for reading or blog.

Sunday, April 10, 2016


Cheerleaders Pub and Grill
1400 Cinnamon Hill Ln
Columbia, MO 65201

Date visited: 4/1/16


Trip Advisor



Menu Cover

Burger Menu photo

Overall Scores:
RH: Burger-41/50; Sides-8/10; Service-18/20; Ambiance-5/10; Location-9/10
MD: Burger-41/50; Sides-8/10; Service-18/20; Ambiance-5'10; Location-8/10

                                              Cheerleaders burger, medium rare

Richard orders the Touchdown Burger (Swiss, $10.49). "My burger is overcooked but it's not too bad. It's good. I like the bun. The burger is seasoned pretty well. I'll give this burger a 41/51."

I also order the Touchdown Burger (Cheddar) and think it's fine. Mine, too, is overcooked a bit. This is a fairly juicy burger. 41/20.

"I like the fries. 9/10 for sides! These are frozen, but the coating on them makes them crispy on the outside and they are tender on the inside. This is a generous portion, too. I'm enjoying the fries," Richard says.

Since the fries are NOT gluten free I go with the side salad. It's fine. 8/10.

Regarding service, Richard says "Our server did a fine job. She got here quickly, got our food to us fairly fast and got the answers to our questions. I'll score service at 18/20."

I also score service at 18/20. Our server did not ask how we wanted our burgers prepared, but she did the get the answers to our questions and followed up on our requests in a timely manner. She was outgoing and friendly.

"There is a very off-putting smell in here," Richard says. I agree. "I guess the ambiance would be fine if not for the smell. There is only one other table being used in this entire place, and it's a friday at lunchtime. That's a bad sign. 5/10 for ambiance."

I also score ambiance at 5/10. The horrific smell when one first enters the place was almost enough to cause us to turn around and eat elsewhere, but we were committed to doing this review. Had my wife been with us we would have NOT eaten here based solely on the smell. The place was nearly empty for lunch at noon on Friday. Ouch! The smell was not quite as bad in the area in which we sat, but was just noticeable enough that it was the prime topic of conversation. Something is seriously wrong here...

We asked the waitress about the awful smell. She said the drains were backing up so they were spraying Febreze all over the place. Why not get it fixed? The waitress was not sure. The smell is so off-putting I suspect that folks that came to the restaurant turned around and left, vowing to never return. Not closing the place down for a day and getting the drains fixed is a truly bad mistake that I'm thinking cost Cheerleaders business for not only that day, but future business as many diners will be determined to never return. 

"The location is convenient to almost anyplace in town, though it is a bit out of the way," Richard says (it's at Stadium just off 63 South). "There is plenty of free parking, though, so that's good. 9/10"

I score location at 8/10. It seems a bit out of the way to me. As Richard says, there is lots of free parking available.

This is an OK burger, but it is NOT the best burger in Columbia. We are not anxious to return, primarily due to the nauseating smell. The odor may be fixed gone by now, but for me it's too late. The last two times we have been here (about a year apart) the place was nearly empty at noon on Friday. 

Have you been to Cheerleaders Pub and Grill? What do you think? We would love to hear your opinion. As always, thank you! for reading our blog.